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The experimental versatility of the acrylic medium has opened up a multitude of pathways to my own personal expression.  I am stimulated by the images created by nature with regard to the earth, water and light.  Natural patterns are revealed by the play of light on the underlying structure of earth and water.  I try to focus on shapes and colour and somehow breathe in the atmosphere of the landscape before me. 

I love to paint using my intuition, imagination and memory, initially in a purely abstract manner dealing with colour, form and texture.  During the painting process, images may be revealed rather than my dictating the direction of the painting.  As the painting progresses, thoughts, ideas, feelings or dreams may be stimulated, which may then be transformed into visual images.  My dialogue with the painting can lead to many transformations, until the work arrives at its destination and is complete. 

 Celtic Landscape #1, 92 x 92cm, 


 Rock Pool #3, acrylic ink, 20 x 25cm


 Cape Connection #1

 Mouse Water #2

 Cape Connection #8, 60 x50cm


Rock Pool #4, acrylic ink,  20 x 25cm


 Cape Connection #9