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Painting has become my vehicle of expressing thoughts, emotions and passions using the poetic, musical and universal visual language of art. 

It has allowed me to discover who I am and find out what I have to say at a subconscious level, where all the genetic knowledge and every experience since early childhood is stored away, waiting to be tapped into.  The subconscious mind is the source of a unique frame of reference because it speaks the language of feeling and symbolism.

I am stimulated by images created by nature with regard to the earth, water and light.  Natural patterns are revealed by the play of light on the underlying structure of earth and water.  I try to focus on shapes and colour and somehow breathe in the atmosphere of the landscape before me.  The final image, be it abstract or realistic, needs to communicate an idea or an emotion and hopefully the viewer will be able to share and experience this.

I love to capture fleeting moments while painting outdoors, I am an enthusiastic en Plein Air painter and urban sketcher.